Does Social Media Make Us Feel Looner?

Does Social Media Make Us Feel Looner?

Indeed the Social Media is a pathway to the news and information. When we log in our Social Media, account there is always something new on our timeline. It is quite exciting to check the notification when someone tags you in a post or uploads something new in his timeline. Besides the fact it keeps us updated with the latest happenings around the world it is making us loonier. A study carried by the University of Petersburg has shown that the people who spend more time on Social Media have the more chances of feeling socially isolated.

Why it makes us isolated?

Social Media is an enormous communication channel. Almost everyone uses the Social Media for various purposes. But the study done by Petersburg University has opened the door for the discussion to us. Yeah, we need to think about the Social Media and its impact on our lives. Some people believe that those who are isolated in their lives tend to use the Social Media more. Well, it can be true somehow, but it does not mean that every person who is on Social Media is isolated in his/her life.

But we cannot deny the fact that when we are on Social Media, we are in a virtual world. If we spend long hours on Social Media, then you are not able to spend time with the people who are around you. In this way, we can say that the Social Media is making people isolated.

Spending more time on Social Media means having the less time to real life social interactions. But we can avoid this situation by investing a reasonable time on Social Media. It is highly essential to give time to your family and friends in real life as well.

Are social skills going out of the window?

We meet people on Social Media and make new friends but have you ever thought that due to this you make fewer friends in real life. In fact, it has reduced the social skills of people. People spend most of their time on popular Social Media platforms where they remain busy in talking to the people whom they do not know in real life. We can say that the people forget the skills to communicate and make friends in real life.

Effect of Social Media on mental health:

Another important topic of the debate is what effects Social Media leaves on our psychological health. Everyone knows that the when we spend the most time in front of computer screens it leaves a negative impact on our health. But now this is the era of Smartphones, so access to the Social Media has become simpler. But when people see their friends posting pictures of their cars etc. they may feel jealousy and envy. It may cause stress and people may feel loneliness.

You may have heard that nothing is bad just its use make it bad or good. So make sure that you get benefits from the use of Social Media. Buy Instagram Followers and accelerate the pace of your business growth.

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