Why rely upon psychometric assessments for recruiting candidates?

This is a question that is asked by HR recruiters and entrepreneurs from all parts of the world. Jobs are getting scarce and candidates applying for interviews in hundreds for particular positions and profile. Hence, the job of the recruiter becomes the entire more tough to scan and identify the best candidates among the lot. A wrong selection will mean the candidate not being able to perform to his optimum or justify his/her selection. At the same time, this will also mean, losing out on potential candidates to competitors, who could have performed much better. This is where there have emerged different types of recruitment tools and processes that are being used to make the recruitment a simpler, effective and quick process.

With the advent of modern technology and more especially with the introduction of different types of electronic gadgets and high speed net, it has become much easier for the recruiters to get hold of such tools online, be it for free or for a small amount. Now, psychometric test can be taken online by all the candidates and this way, the selection process gets narrowed until final selection is made.

Typical psychometric assessment tools

  • Motivation / Value assessments
  • Skills assessments
  • Aptitude / Cognitive assessments
  • Behavioural / Personality Assessments

Corporate companies in huge numbers have been heavily investing in such tools. It is regarded to be a wonderful parameter to help the recruiter to find the most appropriate job-person match.

Relevance of psychometric assessments in today’s highly competitive world

  • Greater efficiency and speed: Such assessments are found to be a quick method to derive more information about the employees. The online tests are easy to be understood even by those who are not computer savvy. The time frame is around 10- 45 minutes, depending upon the profile and position to be filled up. The reports are almost instantaneous or can be derived with 24 to 48 hours. It increases decision making tremendously and ensures that the candidates does not move on to their competitors. It is also possible to administer assessments to large groups simultaneously without any hassle or requiring to spend a fortune. This does bring in enhanced efficiencies and helps with quick selection.
  • Objective assessment: This tool helps to eliminate assessment subjectivity and to make the right selection decisions. The tests throw up consistent results based upon the response of the individual to test items, instead of interviewer evaluation or subjective impressions.
  • Industry benchmarks: These basements have been normed against bigger population of similar candidate types. It offers a better insight to the recruiters, especially where the individual is compared with the industry.
  • Created by the industry experts: These tools are developed by well-trained psychometricians only after rigorous research. They make use of the best order statistical and psychometric principles. This way, they derive higher precision, accuracy, and depth level to the assessed competencies.

It is without doubt that these tools are highly cost effective and result oriented.

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