The Delight and Difficulty of Learning Chinese


Envision being able to speak a language that has been in presence for countless years and will allow you to speak with more than a billion people quickly. Picture yourself as someone who can speak a language that takes a terrific departure from your own. Knowing Chinese is a very satisfying experience because Chinese is not simply one of the main languages of the United Nations, it is a language that bridges cultures from the Vietnam to Japan.

Did you know that the Japanese and Korean writing systems are based upon the Chinese writing system of characters? Chinese is in fact a family of languages that consists of numerous dialects, a few of which are muddled to one another due to the phonetics and tones of Chinese. Nevertheless, today Chinese has actually attained a form of standardization and most Chinese and immigrants utilize the Chinese dialect, Mandarin, to communicate effectively in all walks of life.

Aside from Mandarin, other dialects stay in popular usage today such as Cantonese which can often be heard in the Chinatowns across the world. Mandarin however, will serve you finest in discovering Chinese due to its frequency and adoption as the basic form of Chinese. Today, Mandarin is spoken by about 850 million in China while the Wu dialect is spoken by almost 90 million followed closely by Cantonese (70 million).

Learning Chinese will prove challenging for those who are learning it as a 2nd language. The difficulty of speaking Chinese is that it takes quite a departure from the phonetics of Western languages. With Chinese the tone and inflection of syllables, vowels, and all way of noises can produce whole brand-new meanings for a word. Take your time discovering Chinese. It is fun and always bear in mind that difficulties are windows of opportunity.

But initially, understand that there are 3 elements of the Chinese language that you will need in order to be well on your method to mastering the language. They are:

  1. Tones.

  1. Characters.

  1. Sentence Order

Tones – Focus your time and energy most on finding out the tones of the Chinese language. Think it or not the tones are the basic element of discovering Chinese. Learning the tones can imply the distinction in between wishing to kiss somebody or asking them a concern. The Chinese family of languages is differentiated by its “tonal” aspect. Keep in mind that tones are super crucial. Why? Did you understand that Mandarin speaking Chinese individuals are nearly muddled to Cantonese speaking people due to the difference in tones?

Characters There are countless character for the Chinese language. Learn which ones are in usage today and concentrate on those. Learn that how do you say hello in chinese. The older characters are best found out as stepping stones to a total understanding of Chinese. Nevertheless, your time will be finest invested o finding out the characters that remain in use today.

Sentence order – Chinese is a quite flexible language. Yet, the order of sentence building and construction is still essential. One of the visible errors that learners make is positioning numeric values such as time in the incorrect order in their sentences. Bear in mind that Chinese is mostly spoken by native speakers so they are used to hearing a particular order within a sentence. Practice makes perfect.

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